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Gordon is a practitioner of Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapy, and is one of a small number of therapists in the North West who specialise in the application of Analytical Hypnotherapy. He is a full practising member of the International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy (formally the IAPH) the world 's largest organisation of its type, dedicated to the highest professional and ethical standards of care for the health and wellbeing of clients.

His well established practice draws clients from Greater Manchester and the North West, through a number of Clinics located around that area.

As a result of having previously worked in Industry for many years in Personnel Development and Training, Gordon is able to bring that broader experience to bear on his current work, and he can introduce clients to strategies in Motivation, Stress Management, Interpersonal Relations, and Communication.


An Inexpensive and Effective Alternative
to Gastric Band Surgery

Clinical hypnotherapy has developed a procedure under which you imagine, under hypnosis, the introduction of a gastric band, so that when you emerge from the treatment it is as if you had actually had a gastric band fitted. The effect can persist for as long as it takes you to establish a beneficial eating regime as a natural course of events, and it can be reinforced or reversed at any time.

Quit smoking in one hour the easy way

Using hypnotherapy it takes only one hour to become a non-smoker. Gordon specialises in this exceptional strategy. It is highly effective, with an acknowledged success rate of at least 95%. There are no subsequent cravings, mood swings, irritability or weight gain. Extensive independent research indicates hypnosis as the most effective anti-smoking technique. See Smoking Cessation for more information.

Achieve change quickly with hypnosis

Many personal and emotional issues can be resolved using two entirely different treatments. Some issues respond quickly and easily to suggestion therapy. In other instances, finding the cause of the problem can bring release from it. This strategy uses the doctrine of cause and effect, and is known as analytical therapy. It offers the quickest and most effective way of release from anxiety related problems, and a wide range of psychological issues. See Hypnotherapy for more information.

Hypnotherapy in the in the North West
with Gordon Hill
Gordon attends regular clinics in
Manchester North

For a free initial consultation or more information you can contact him at

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